Manufacture of bended
parts and assemblies


MAGAFOR, S.L. is a Spanish company located in Zamudio (Basque Country), dedicated to the manufacture of tube bended parts and assemblies.

We offer bended products through machines with state-of-the-art numerical control, as well as an automatic tube cutting service.

The applications of this bending technology are aimed at a wide range of sectors, such as the means of transport, construction and urban facilities, machinery and capital goods, furniture, telecommunications and energy sectors, among others.

We have different tube bending machines with a turning capacity of up to 90 mm of diameter and a useful length of 6,000 mm, which can make spare parts with fixed and variable radius and interpolations.

Our machines have a state-of-the-art numerical control with 3D process simulation software.

Moreover, and within the company’s production process, we offer a tube cutting service through automatic machinery of up to 120 mm diameter capacity, material loader and diagonal cutting through numerical control in any geometric shape.

Furthermore, we complement our services with CNC machines to work on sheet metal, as well as several welding processes, thus achieving finished and half-finished products.

We work according to the standards of the ISO 9001:2008 rule on quality management, and we also have an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the rule OHSAS 18001:2007, accredited by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance Limited.

Our corporate policy focuses on the customer, offering SERVICE and QUALITY.

Magafor drill machines for the metal and curved pipe trusses
Joint and curved curved tubes
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